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Why Choose SERVPRO for Closter Fire Damage Cleanup?

5/10/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged home Fire, smoke, and odor removal is a specialty of SERVPRO. Our technicians are IICRC certified for any size disaster.

Detailed documentation shows why SERVPRO pack-out strategies support owners of Closter fire-damaged homes.

During fire damage cleanup in your Closter home, you quickly learn why SERVPRO delivers successful results promptly. Nothing we do is left to chance, improving the odds for a consistently good recovery from fire and smoke damage. One suggestion SERVPRO often makes to Closter clients to speed the process and document claims for your insurance is a partial or complete pack-out of furnishings, household goods, and personal possessions using our detailed Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS).

Why Does SERVPRO Encourage Closter House Fire Clean Up Pack-Outs? 

Professionals expect that post-blaze Closter families need water and fire damage restorations. The water used to quell the flames is a complicating factor at nearly every fire and smoke remediation call. Heavy furniture and assorted possessions are hard to manage and move as technicians travel through your home to remediate smoke and fire damage and clear away residues. Many different tasks must occur almost simultaneously during the project inside your Closter dwelling, why SERVPRO urges we “clear the decks” for the team to work at optimum efficiency to deliver:

Strict adherence to fire damage restoration protocols and a reliable pack-out system are two reasons why SERVPRO of Northeast Bergen County earns high marks from satisfied customers. Call us at (201) 244-0100 today to schedule an assessment and start the planning.

Contractor Licenses:

General: 13VH001305854800

Can Safe and Effective Mold Removal Help Your Cresskill Business?

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

black mold in bathroom Mold remediation in your commercial building will become very hazardous. SERVPRO has the manpower and equipment for the fix you needs.

SERVPRO mold remediation Cresskill-area specialists use research-based strategies for commercial mold removal and prevention

Some industries are subject to frequent mold inspections, with remediations and removal needed promptly. Businesses in Cresskill struggling with these issues require fast and professional support, available from SERVPRO’s mold specialists. For example, mold in your Cresskill restaurant or hotel can discourage repeat business and impact your reputation. Mold can cause health effects for susceptible individuals, making the reluctance of your clientele to risk mold exposure in your Cresskill commercial building understandable. You want to find mold remediation specialists who can handle active, current mold removal as well as work with you to inhibit future infestations.

What Mold Remediation Protocol Does SERVPRO Follow?

Often businesses in Cresskill need bathroom mold removal, as excess moisture is typical in that space. SERVPRO used the mold remediation protocol developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA procedure stresses moisture management and containment to prevent mold spores and debris spread. Expect interrelated 

  • Mold Inspection
  • Mold Removal
  • Black Mold Damage Repairs

Do not delay reaching out to SERVPRO of Northeast Bergen County for mold remediation assistance in your business property. Find out how we can get your operations back on track with one call to (201) 244-0100.

Does Living in an Older Home in Closter Increase Water Mitigation and Remediation Risk?

4/28/2021 (Permalink)

Flood cuts in drywall SERVPRO will start and finish your water-damaged home. We will even help with the build back with our general contractor. Call now!

Historic homeowners in Closter count burst pipes as a persistent worry SERVPRO can address

Rumors and disagreements about the personage memorialized in the Closter borough seal continue to this day. The circular seal features the stylized outline of a single rider, appearing to wear attire dating to Revolutionary War times. In actions similar to those attributed to Paul Revere's famous ride, an anonymous farmer either from Closter or the surrounding region rode from what is now Bergen County south to Fort Lee with urgent news that helped the Continental army.

What Are the Details About the Closter Horseman?

The story related over the years focuses on British Commander Lord Cornwallis landing and disembarking at Closter Dock with thousands of British and Hessian troops. Closter Dock was on the Hudson River at the Palisades, several miles away from the center of the land-locked borough now known as Closter. Upon viewing the watery arrival, the unknown farmer and his plow horse sped off with the news. The bare bones of the story include the following facts:

  • The date was November 20, 1776.
  • The Continental garrison at Fort Lee was 10 miles away.
  • The stores and munitions at Fort Lee were depleted, exposing the Continental Army stationed there to significant risk from attack.
  • The intelligence from the Closter horseman permitted George Washington time to lead the Fort Lee troops to Hackensack.
  • The relocation by Washington eventually took the Continental Army to Pennsylvania.
  • The time and space gained allowed Washington to plan and implement a successful attack on British troops at Trenton on December 26, 1776.

Were Other Factors in Play Interfering with the Closter Dock Escapade?

In addition to the warning, other Closter-area patriots got in the way of Lord Cornwallis and his troops. The British allegedly marched in the wrong direction because of inaccurate maps and intentionally confusing advice from the locals.

Does SERVPRO Offer Reliable Water Mitigation to Closter Homeowners?

Failing plumbing systems and structural wear and tear can result in an enhanced need for water emergency services and water damage repair in Closter properties. Burst pipes and ceiling leaks impact Closter's historic homes with some regularity. The affinity residents have for the older homes means Closter water damage repair preference is for halting or mitigating the harm without changing the integrity of beloved interiors or treasured antique contents. 

Can SERVPRO Water Damage Restoration Maintain Closter Homes' Function and Appearance?

As a service to our valued customers, SERVPRO holds a general contractor's license, permitting us to streamline mitigation, remediation, and water damage restoration for Closter properties. Control of Closter water mitigation projects from assessment to build back saves time and money and allows precise and consistent communication. During water clean up and flood restoration, Closter homeowners depend on SERVPRO to keep their families safe and homes true to their origins while also providing needed:

  • Water Removal Services
  • Ceiling Repairs from Water Damages
  • Basement Flooding Cleanup
  • Cleaning Up After a Sewer Backup

Reach out to SERVPRO of Northeast Bergen County when water damage threatens. We are ready to do battle with the forces interfering with the quiet enjoyment of your comfortable home. One call to (201) 244-0100 gets our troops on the move.

Contractor Licenses:

General: 13VH001305854800

Protect Your Closter Store From Further Damage During Fire Restoration

4/16/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle You can count on our professionals with state of the art equipment to quickly restore your property so you can return safely after a fire incident.

Fire Restoration Means Being Safety Conscious in Closter

Fire can cause havoc in your store. You might find yourself facing inventory loss or building damage alongside a sizable cleanup operation.

If you need fire restoration in your Closter store, it is essential to be aware of the damage that might happen after the fire. What do we mean by that? Surely the fire has caused enough damage? Some damages that might occur after the fire include:

  • Water damage because it rained and there was a hole in your roof due to the fire.
  • Opportunistic thieves got in through a window that was blown out by the fire and stole some of your stock.
  • A ceiling fixture fell, or a wall or floor collapsed because it was weakened by fire.

In many cases, insurance does not cover these damages. It only covers damage caused at the time of the fire. That is why SERVPRO puts securing your premises top of our priority list. We will board and tarp up as needed, survey potential health hazards, and do our best to mitigate them.

For a thorough fire restoration service, call SERVPRO of Northeast Bergen County at (201) 244-0100.

Can Flood Damage Harm Closter Home Foundations?

4/9/2021 (Permalink)

Water in basement If you find water damage in your Closter home, Call in the experts at SERVPRO right away.

Flood Damage Could be Bad News for Closter Houses

Storms can arrive without warning and cause damage throughout your home. It is essential to be aware of the potential extent of storm damage, so you can take steps to remediate it.

If a storm causes flood damage to your Closter home, there is always a risk of foundation damage. When the ground around your home swells with flood water or rain, it might put pressure on the foundations and cause cracking. We know a few things you can do to protect your foundations:

  • Ensure your garden slopes away from your home and not towards it.
  • Keep your downspouts in good repair, so they do not pour extra water around the foundations.
  • Check for pooling water around foundations.
  • Make home maintenance a priority.

Do not ignore signs of water issues in your home. Water problems indoors can turn into water problems around the foundation, which means the foundation is weaker and more prone to flood damage. Call SERVPRO – our technicians can use monitoring equipment to seek potential problem areas before the issue worsens.

If you want help keeping your home safe from flood damage, call SERVPRO of Northeast Bergen County at (201) 244-0100.

Why Is Inventory a Key Part of Cresskill Water Mitigation?

3/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technicians packing up boxes SERVPRO technicians know all the steps to take after water damage strikes in your home.

SERVPRO Helps Cresskill Residents With Water Mitigation and More

Cresskill is a borough of just over 8,000 people located in New Jersey. The area got its unusual name from the wild watercress that grew abundantly there before the area became more urban and from the stream that runs through it. “Kill” is an old name for a stream, strait, inlet, or other small body of water. Cresskill grew quickly thanks to it being so convenient for New York, and the appearance of a railway there increased its growth and popularity.

Cresskill is an excellent base for exploring New Jersey and New York. It is near to such famous sites as Times Square, the Empire State Building, and Central Park, but it is also close to plenty of state parks and hiking areas.

Enjoy Good Hiking and Good Food Near Cresskill

Cresskill offers access to plenty of lovely natural areas, including:

  • The Tenafly Nature Center offers 400 acres of woodland to explore. The center is entirely member-supported and exists to educate the next generation on the importance of living in harmony with nature. The walks are clearly signposted, and you can pass a happy afternoon strolling beside the brook and ponds.
  • Demarest Nature Center offers walks that can last for a couple of hours, or just five minutes, which means you will always find something to suit you. There are well-marked trails along with heavily wooded and marshy areas where you can see plenty of wildlife.
  • Closter Nature Center is a hidden gem! You can explore most of the site in under an hour, and yet you will feel like you are miles away from civilization. A great place to birdwatch or enjoy the antics of the many squirrels and chipmunks who live there.

If all that walking works up an appetite, do not worry. Cresskill has plenty of eateries to refresh you. Some popular choices include:

  • Samdan Restaurant offers authentic Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine in a friendly atmosphere with very reasonable prices. Be sure to check out their set menus for a delicious meal on a budget.
  • Umeya offers fresh sushi made to authentic recipes. You can order takeout or eat in. If you are eating in, sit at the sushi bar and watch the chefs at work for the ultimate experience. If you are ordering takeout, do so in advance, as they get swamped.
  • Jack’s Lobster Shack is a family-run establishment that serves only the freshest lobster and seafood. They also offer delicious fries and slaw.

Do You Need Inventory During Water Mitigation?

One of the first things you will need to do after water damage is to call your insurance company. And one of the first things your insurance company will do is ask you for an inventory and evidence of losses.

SERVPRO understands that creating an inventory is stressful. We also know that a thorough inventory is key to liaising with your insurance company. That is why we include an inventory service as part of water mitigation. We can:

  • Provide a detailed estimate of what has been lost and what must be replaced.
  • Pretest all items to determine if we can salvage them or not.
  • Give you an electronic spreadsheet with a full loss inventory.

For help with post-water mitigation inventory, call SERVPRO of Northeast Bergen County at (201) 244-0100.

The Multi-Step Process of Removing Closter Fire Damage Residues

3/8/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Technicians SERVPRO of Northeast Bergen County is ready to help local property owners with any size fire damage problem. Call today at (201) 244-0100.

When Vacuuming Fails, Fire Cleanup Specialists Succeed.

Removing fire and smoke residues from your home is not easy. Store-bought cleaning agents fail to eliminate the deep-set particles that result from these accidents. SERVPRO uses advanced methods to handle these problems.

The first step in removing residues from fire damage in Closter is to vacuum up whatever materials we can. After this step, much of the ash and smoke remains. At this point, we must dissolve the residues to remove them. This is a multi-step process:

  1. We analyze the damages to determine the type of fire and smoke.
  2. Experienced technicians select appropriate specialized cleaning agents.
  3. We repeatedly wash, rinse, and dry the area, changing out cleaning agents as needed.

Throughout the whole process, we take care to avoid disturbing residues elsewhere in the area. Without the right precautions, a single blunder could stir up ash and dirty an area once more. Between working fast and implementing fire damage mitigation measures, our professional team avoids these situations.

SERVPRO of Northeast Bergen County has the equipment and experience to handle any size or type of fire damage. Call us at (201) 244-0100.

The Superior Training of SERVPRO Mold Damage Technicians in Cresskill

3/1/2021 (Permalink)

"Mold" Mold spreads quickly when the conditions are right. Contact SERVPRO to investigate the cause and remediate the damage on your property.

Mold Remediation in Cresskill Means Following the Protocols

Picking SERVPRO to handle your mold damage situation is easy when you consider the impressive array of certifications and training that our technicians boast. We go above and beyond official standards to make sure that our team receives training for any incident.Handling mold damage in Cresskill takes more than a bit of handiwork and chemicals. With many different fungi species present in most American homes, it can be tricky to find and apply the appropriate treatments for a situation. Our technicians train full-time for weeks to learn everything from the science behind mold growth to the differences in treatment methods. Their trainings include:

  • Full IICRC certification--Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification
  • Detailed web-based training suites
  • Real-life simulations to test learned skills

Once fully certified AMRT applied microbial restoration, these technicians work with a veteran employee to learn on the job and develop an adaptable skill set. Every SERVPRO mold remediation team includes at least one experienced technician to oversee the project and correct potential mistakes. As a result, the speed and efficacy of our crews is unmatched.

Stop mold from taking over your home by calling SERVPRO of Northeast Bergen County at (201) 244-0100.

Our Closter Water Damage Repairs Target the Source

2/24/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician consulting with customer Call in the professionals for water cleanup, to avoid additional water loss in your home. our SERVPRO technicians are available 24/7.

Sip a Freshly-made Bubble Tea at Closter's First Establishment

One of the most noteworthy culinary phenomena spreading across the nation has, in recent years, been bubble tea. Closter residents would need to travel far to find a shop selling these teas, but now, a location has opened up in our community. Gong Cha is the most popular nationwide chain of bubble tea specialists, and they chose to open their first shop in New Jersey right here in Closter.

The concept of bubble tea began in Taiwan several decades ago. It involves a multitude of tea varieties that are typically served cold and with milk. What sets a glass of bubble tea apart from ordinary milk tea is introducing tapioca pearls in the bottom of the cup. Besides adding flavor and texture, the pearls are often mixed with fruit, spice, and other creative additions. The result is a layered tea with complex flavors.

With a modern and relaxing interior, Gong Cha hopes to create a more welcoming atmosphere than the fast-paced air of Starbucks and other coffee shops. Swing by, here in Closter, for a cup of bubble tea to see if it lives up to the hype.

Perhaps the Best Fine Dining in Closter

Living near one of the world's culinary capitals may be great, but many of us in Closter lack time to travel into the city every night for dinner. Thankfully, one of the city's most highly-regarded chefs, a native to our Closter community, now cooks here instead. The Hill is one of the highest quality dining experiences in the entire region, and if you have not tried it yet, perhaps a dinner service may be what you need.

Owned and operated by chef Ben Pollinger, The Hill serves seasonal American dishes while being unafraid to take elements from foreign cooking styles. Pollinger was a Michelin-starred chef in New York before relocating here in 2018, founding the restaurant of his dreams. In addition to an evolving menu composed of top-quality ingredients and dishes, the establishment also offers an impressive array of wines and craft beers that pleases even the most discerning connoisseur.

The Hill is open seven days per week for lunch and dinner service and features a kids' menu for family outings. Check them out if you have not already experienced one of the best dining experiences in the entire Closter region.

Water Damage Repairs Need to Target Hidden Threats

One of the most important reasons insurance companies encourage homeowners in Closter to contact water damage repair professionals like SERVPRO is the difficulty that many handymen face in finding the source of the issue. Throughout your home, many permeable materials may transfer water into hidden places, which can later seep back into the common areas to cause long-term issues. Our inspectors utilize many tools to contend with this threat, including:

  • Infrared scanning devices
  • Thermal imaging tools
  • Penetrating moisture detectors
  • Isolated demolitions for visual assessment

Once we identify the source of the problem, we can begin treating it. The thorough inspection process ensures that no sign of the water damage is present after we leave.

SERVPRO of Northeast Bergen County is professional, fast, and cost-efficient with any water damage restoration project for Closter and the surrounding area.. Call us at (201) 244-0100.

What Can Be Done to Prepare a Home for Flooding in Closter?

2/8/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment at work. Storm damage is no easy task. Call the professionals at SERVPRO for their IICRC certified trained technicians. No flood damage is too big or small.

Lessen flood damage with these tips for flood preparation

Flooding is always a concern in New Jersey, and this past year has seen an increase in storms and rainfall. Closter residents need to know how to prepare and what to expect. 

Preparing Your Home for Flood Situations

Floodwaters in  are a serious concern. They ruin homes by sending contaminated waters surging through homes. But being prepared can make a difference. Here are ways to lessen the impact of flood damage in Closter:

  • Keep gutters, storm drains, and ground-level drains free of debris and leaves
  • Store essential documents and valuables in containers that are waterproof.
  • Prepare an emergency kit with things like flashlights, batteries, and bottled water.
  • Have an emergency plan in place and practice it.

Safety is Paramount

Keeping your family safe is your first concern. When it is safe to enter, SERVPRO can provide flood damage mitigation. Never try to enter your home to save belongings. We understand the hazardous circumstance that comes with flooding. If you have treasures or heirlooms you want to be rescued and cannot enter your home, we do our best to retrieve them. 

Contact SERVPRO of Northeast Bergen County at (201) 244-0100 if you need flood damage service in Closter.