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Five stackable air movers and one LGR dehumidifier operating between a basement wall and pool table without baseboards. Some

Equipment That Addresses Harrington Park Water Damage

After this Harrington Park basement suffered water damage, SERVPRO responded with remediation tools like the air movers and dehumidifier depicted in the photo. They also removed some flooring and baseboards to prepare the space for necessary repairs.

Basement with partially removed carpet and furnishings

Oradell Water Damage Includes Sewage

This photo is a good example of how exacting the water damage cleanup can be in Oradell properties. This basement needed water cleanup due to a toilet backup, however the technicians only removed the areas of carpet and baseboards  compromised by contaminated water, leaving the rest of the room intact.

Bathroom with white toilet and tub with light brown rugs

SERVPRO Never Relies on Visuals Along for Finding Water Damage in Norwood Properties

When SERVPRO arrived at this Norwood home, the extent of the water damage in the bathroom was apparent through a visual investigation that showed a wet bathroom rug on wet tile around the toilet. Further scoping showed the walls and ceiling had damage that required extraction and drying.

Room with substrate exposed

Fast Cleanup Needed After Water Damage in Glen Rock

This home in Glen Rock needed water damage restoration after a water softener unit failed and soaked a carpet in a single room. The carpet had no restoration potential and required removal in order to dry the subfloor underneath. 

Utility room with furnace and carpet removed from the doorway

Old Tappan Water Damage Cleanup in Progress

When a pipe burst in an Old Tappan utility room and affected a carpet, SERVPRO arrived quickly on the scene to limit the loss. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster. The carpet just outside the utility room absorbed the water and required careful cutting away before techs dried the subfloor. 

Dumont Mold Remediation

When standing water soaks into the lower level of sheetrock, the result can also lead to mold growth. Our SERVPRO technicians have the skill and the advanced equipment, like this pictured HEPA filtered air scrubber, to capture airborne mold spores and particulates during the controlled demolition. Our product teams have many years of combined experience; rest assured on receiving the best possible service. 

Equipment In Action

At SERVPRO of Northeast Bergen County we have the latest technology and equipment to handle your dry-out needs. In this photo we have several air movers running as well as a dehumidifier. 

Air Scrubber in Action

Here is a photo of an air scrubber we use for several different reasons but in this example we are using it to remove mold spores in the air while we perform mold remediation. An air scrubber is an air filtration system with a HEPA filter that removes particles in the air and limits cross-contamination. 

Mold In Kitchen

Take a look at the amount of mold found behind these lower kitchen cabinets. Unfortunately, it is hard to check for mold behind cabinets without actually removing them. It is common for there to be some mold due to the amount of moisture found nearby from appliances like a dish washer which can have leaky connections or pipes. That is why it is important to check the connections between these types of appliances to make sure moisture is not escaping. 

Mold Containment

Our team using containment barriers to limit cross-contamination when performing mold remediation at a surgical center. The areas being treated are closed off to limit mold spores traveling outside of the affected area. 

Mold Behind The Walls

You can see in this photo the amount of mold found hiding behind the walls at this dentist office. Our team removed the affected walls and treated the structure behind which included using antimicrobial solution and HEPA vacuuming.